Motor vehicles estimation

The estimation of vehicles is conducted with the aim of determining their optimal market value, based on the state, technical characteristics, and also the average value of similar proposals in the region. Estimation of vehicles is often carried out for further use in transactions of purchase / sale / donation / alienation / etc. of transport, determining taxation basis, for customs clearance of used equipment during the division of property between spouses. It can be needed for transport insurance as well, for entering into the authorized capital or on the balance of a legal entity for obtaining a loan and much more.

Expert estimation is more relevant for used vehicles, when, for example, the opinions of the parties differ in the movable property’s value. That's the situation when you need the participation of a professional expert who can provide you with a research and a conclusion with a reasoned justification for a particular figure.

Our specialists are highly qualified and have all necessary knowledge, skills and certificates to estimate all types of transport, both passenger and freight.

To begin with the process of expert evaluation of any kind of transport, it is necessary for a Client to provide basic general data such as entitlement documents, owner information, technical characteristics, data on the operation process, and so on. In the course of further enquiry of each case individually, our specialists may need additional information, such as from the customer, and from third-party organizations / official authorities, to which we will address the request if it’s necessary.

Expert assessment terms for vehicles varies from one to three working days, depending on the complexity of the task, technical condition of the property, the specifics, the accuracy of the documentation rendered, etc. In each case, you can discuss the conditions with our specialists.

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Vessels and watercraft estimation

Vessels is another category of estimation. As a rule, it’s quite expensive objects that require in-depth approach and analysis. It should be mentioned both, sea and river water transport, which are used in large navigation and for private ownership of individual owners. It can be passenger ships, vessels, dry cargo ships, tugs, yachts, boats, etc.

Goals for obtaining a price estimation of such movable objects can be the following:

  • statement on the balance of the enterprise;
  • transfer to management;
  • pledging;
  • transactions on acquisition or alienation, donation and division of property;
  • re-equipment of boats;
  • insurance;
  • authorized capital formation;
  • customs clearance for import or export and much more.

When determining the value of such objects, one or a combination of methods is actively used: costly, comparative, profitable. The condition, the degree of wear, the level of attractiveness in comparison with similar floats, the required repairs are very important. As well as the costs that will arise for transportation, repair, restoration, re-equipment, must be taken into account, because these are very large sums for this industryThe specialists of our company have sufficient knowledge and are certified to carry out such estimation works. For more detailed information, please, contact us.

Aircraft and aviation equipment estimation

Aircraft can be conditionally divided into categories:

  • freight;
  • passenger;
  • military;
  • agricultural;
  • individual use.

Estimating the cost of aircraft technology involves both determining the value of the entire facility, as well as its individual basic elements. To estimate the value of aircraft, you need to analyze carefully its technical condition, wear level, equipment, required repairs, etc. The age, location of the aircraft, information about breakdowns and repairs, the number of hours worked and the residual life, etc. are also important.

Cases in which an expert evaluation of such aircraft are similar to cases with other types of equipment:

  • purchase, sale, notarial transactions for the acquisition, alienation, donation, etc;
  • insurance;
  • registration of inheritance;
  • customs clearance;
  • determination of the taxation basis;
  • for statement on the balance of the enterprise;
  • for recycling and so on.

“Expert Estimation Center” LLC will help you in determining the value of any kind of aircraft. For additional information on the required documentation and details of such an assessment, please contact our specialists

Real estate estimation

As for today, the Ukrainian real estate market is characterized by an active growth of the number of primary housing - new buildings of various types and costs, as well as changes and jumps in the cost of secondary housing. Another feature is that real estate prices are under the influence of many external factors, such as the economic situation, the growth of the exchange rate, seasonality, and so on.

Among the mechanisms of assessing the value of real estate - and comparison with similar objects on sale, and an estimation of creation a similar facility, and a miscalculation of payback, liquidity, and analytics of past historical statistics, etc.

Determining the correct value of an immovable asset is an important task for performing real estate transactions, such as:

  • insurance;
  • purchase / sale, donation and / or other notary procedures;
  • investment estimation;
  • separation of property in case of divorce, etc.

Basically in all cases, to define the value is necessary in order to ensure the correct calculation of the basis of taxation with the budget in accordance with current legislation. But also, the peculiarity is that two participants in a transaction may have a completely different opinion about value, significance or cost of the property. The purpose of estimation of real estate objects is to obtain a correct, objective price for a specific object, which would take into account all factors as much as possible. There are a lot of factors: from the location of the facility, age and wear, to the proximity of the infrastructure, the resort zone, etc. Of course, these factors will differ for commercial real estate objects from those that intended to be housing.

“Expert Estimation Center” specialists have many years of experience working with various real estate objects and can provide a correct and objective conclusion about the cost.

Machinery and equipment estimation

Expert Estimation Center LLC produces an assessment of the most diverse types of machinery and equipment for all industries such as:

  • production machinery;
  • technological lines;
  • woodworking units;
  • industrial equipment;
  • electrical appliances, measuring equipment;
  • lifting, road, agricultural machinery;
  • construction equipment;
  • office equipment, furniture, etc.

The cost of such movable property is determined in many respects from the state, technical characteristics, degree of wear, actual location, etc. In many cases, it is important to compare its cost with the cost of full or partial reproduction of a similar facility, the cost of utilization, with similar offers on the market. That means when estimating such objects it is extremely important to professionally compose all three methods of estimation - profitable, comparative and expendable.

A document confirming the cost of such objects will be required at the following manipulations:

  • buying and selling;
  • donation, leasing;
  • insurance;
  • customs clearance;
  • receipt of a loan;
  • contribution to the authorized capital or to the balance of the enterprise;
  • correct showing up in the enterprise’s accounting and so on.

Also, understanding the value of such different equipment and assets can be useful when developing investment projects, creating business projects and calculating a business plan, assessing the value of a business, budgeting of enterprise, etc.

Our experts have experience in estimating a wide variety of equipment. We will be happy to help you and provide an individual approach for each case.

Customs clearance estimation

When carrying out foreign economic operations, the definition of customs value is an important and problematic issue. To correctly determine or confirm the customs value to the subjects of foreign economic activity, it is often to prove to the customs authorities the reliability of the information specified in the primary documents. In such cases, there is a need for professional assessment of goods by an independent expert who can verify the conformity of the value of goods to prices in international markets.

“Expert Estimation Center” provides services for an independent evaluation of goods to confirm the customs value.

In some cases, such an assessment is necessary not only for new property or goods, but also for used property, for example, equipment. For the assessment of such goods, the specialist requires initial data on the name, description of the product, technical characteristics, manufacturer and country of production, the intensity and nature of use, the level of wear and tear, and other factors affecting the cost of a particular equipment, all they must be taken into account, based on the specifics of the goods themselves.

The valuation for customs, provided by the specialists of our company, is often determining for the confirmation of customs value.

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